Any recommendations?

For a low-cost semi modern (say 20 yr old) muscle type car that is actually somewhat reliable and runs on regular? You say I’m a dreamer but…

Somewhat reliable 20 year old muscle car is an oxymoron.

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A stock Fox body Mustang fits the bill. Or an LT-1 powered F-Body. If you want four doors there’s the Impala SS. But that’s going to about it as far as 20 year old muscle cars that run on regular fuel go. There weren’t that many options to start with back then.

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I concur with @FoDaddy. Both good choices. I’d suggest a LS-1 V8 Camaro or Firebird as they are more reliable than LT-1’s.

I’d also suggest a bit newer Mustang. The 2005 to 2009 cars looked a much like the 1970’s Mustangs and came with 300 HP 4.6 liter V8’s that run on regular. Or the first of the 2011 models with the 5.0 415 hp V8, also runs on regular. Prices are decent and models can be found with well less that 100K miles.

I’d get the newest Mustang GT I could afford.

how about a CTS-V or gto? you can get a donor cts for 1000 and drop in a v8. could go old school and not have computer controls. not like you are out a ton of money if you have features that dont work. after you blow the IRS you might put in a solid axle.

I’d be looking at the Mustang, Camaro, or WRX.

Thanks for the feedback. Given my own relative ignorance and Consumer Reports data,
I think I’ll look at Mustangs.

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Sounds like a good choice there.