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Mid 70's to Early 90's Recommendations for Weekend Car?

I know this is a huge range, but this would be features I would seek in weekend car: comfort, style, nice interior, premium sound, cold AC, smooth ride, great handling, sporty/luxurious. Looking for a two- door (even two seater) convertible or t-top, removable top model. Any suggestions? Friend has a Corvette, so not looking for that model for this reason only. Thanks for your input.

You are describing the retro Ford T’bird, years 2002 to 2005. Yes it is out of your range in the years department. Used T’birds are available in the $15 - 20,000 and up for really low mileage examples.

Wide open!! “Old’s Fan”…makes me think you might like a nice Detroit “Boat” of the era. Might be hard to find a clean example.

I am partial to the Miata. Finding one with A/C might be hard. Great fun car with a huge support network. Datsun Z’s are of a similar breed.

A Mustang? Jag? Caddy?

Get a Hemming’s motor News and take a look a look at all the different type and see what strikes your fancy.

Are looking for a complete car, or something you will be working on. Owning and living with a Miata is easy, a Jag of that vintage, not so much.

Edit: I like the T-Bird idea!

an avanti might be worth a look,

One up your Corvette friend with a 911. You pick the variant.

80-83 nissan 280z with turbo and sunroof, autos are good but go for the 5sp.
there strait 6 is one of the all time best motors!

'89-'93 Cadillac Allante…

Only in America…“Lets take the weekend car…” The recession can’t be TOO bad…

911 another great one. You mention the Corvette making the 911 a good choice.

BMW 2002? E-Type?

What about a pony car without the big engine? Mustang, Camaro, Cougar, Firebird, an others. If you buy one with a small V6 or a V6, the cost won’t be astronomical. The Firebird and Camaro had t-tops; I’m not sure abut the others. At some point, they all had convertible models.

Miata? you can swap out the 4banger and drop in a 302 ford engine