Car Recommendation -- Older Car for Weekend Use/Fun

I am considering an older car (one I liked in my younger days) for a weekend cruiser/hobby car. I am considering these models (all are in pretty good overall condition): 1985 Cadillac Seville (55K miles); 1985 Cadillac Eldorado 59K miles); 1986 Cutlass Supreme Brougham (160K miles), 1976 Cutlass Supreme (60K miles), 1991 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (70K miles) , 1983 Buick Park Avenue (68K miles).

I am seeking comments on known issues and plusses/minuses on these vehicles. I appreciate your time and assistance!

Click and Clack always point out that older vehicles lack safety features that have now become standard. Would you want to be driving at 60 mph in a car that doesn’t have a 3 point safety belt? I would not.
That’s one thing. The other question why would you want to drive a 1976 vehicle, something tht is over 30 years old? I wouldn’t primarily for the safety and reliability issues.
I have a friend who flies his 1960’s plane - I won’t fly with him. Car’s a different issue, but you can still get stranded high and dry.

the 1983 to 1985 cars are mechanically similar, and, IMHO crap. These used GMs 3.0 and 3.8 liter engine, which were fair, but the 440TH transmissions were the worst piece of engineering I ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. These were an early version of overdrive automatics for FWD cars, temperamental, and difficult to rebuild properly. I’d stay away from these. Not familiar with the 1991 Caddy El Biarritz. The '76 Cutlass Supreme is still a RWD design, but the emissions systems were garbage when new in '76, and probably worse now. But, the emissions garbage can be removed from the car with very little modifications, and it can be easily worked on and hot-rodded. The main pieces of the emissions, like the catalytic converters and EGR system can remain and do thier job. The air pump and injector system was basically a back-up to the rest of the emissions to help keep the emissions low if there ws a problem with other parts of the system.

What kind of hobby are you looking for? I say this because all of these except the '83 Buick and the '76 Cutlass are going to be fuel injected and work essentially the same as a modern car, so if you’re thinking about tinkering around with them there’s not as much you can actually do.

Bentley Mulsanne… Bentley Mulsanne…

You found some interesting low mileage cars.

If I were looking for weekend/hobby car, I would consider a late '80s Corvette. Those were not great years for looks or handling, but they are mechanically OK. Because they are not desirable years, they don’t cost much (except for the insurance).

I am listening. I am checking out the 80’s Vettes. I like them, and the prices are not outrageous.
Thanks for your help!

Wow. Quite a divergence from the cars you listed. I got the impression you were looking for large and sedanish. Notice how sedan and sedantary are so similar in spelling. Same derivation perhaps?

I have a friend who has two '76 Eldos, both in excellent condition, one a droptop. '76 was the last year of the american convertables for some years. Big, sofa-style leather seats. His hood looks as long as my car.

Except for some really old biplanes, which were deathtraps when new, the safety of an airplane depends soley on the competence of the pilot and the quality of the maintenance program. A well maintained DC3 is as reliable as any piston engined aircraft and the newest example of them was built long before the 1960s.

One buys a weekend toy for fun, not for safe, reliable, economical transportation. My hobby is horseback riding. I wouldn’t want to commute to work on a horse, but the joy I get from riding outweighs the expense and risk.

None of these is what I would call a fun car, but whatever trips your trigger. Just make sure the one you buy isn’t a worn out rust bucket with a cheap paint job.

A similar car I have always liked is the STS model of the Seville. The best ones have the Northstar engine.