Help with recommendation for second "older fun car"

I am considering for a weekend cruiser (fun car) the following models. I would appreciate your recommendation based on the following criteria:

*dependability/mechanical quality overall


*comfort in ride and drive – must be a cruiser or comfortable

*ability to customize or accessorize (rims, restore to stock, etc.)

1985 Cadillac Eldorado 57K (not a Biarritz) HT4100

1988 Buick Park Avenue 98K 3800 V-6

1986 Pontiac Trans Am 65K V-8

1985 Cadillac Seville 49K HT4100

1991 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 77K 4.9L

1989 Lincoln Towncar 52K V-8

1985 Volvo 240 122K clean

This car would be a second car and used for short errands on occasion but mainly for weekend short trips – a “fun” car to keep up, admire, maintain. Not trying to collect --just like the 80’s (reminds me of my youth) LOL Thanks

Judging by the list it’s apparent that fun means different things to different people. Given the types of cars on the list; I would considered a 1994 Impala SS, it’s newer than what you have listed but it meets all the critera.

I’m also having trouble making sense of the list (the volvo really doesn’t fit, BTW). If you want big american iron you probably want to go much older, the late 80s were not their high point.

I say go with a 1985 or so Buick Riviera. It’s a better looking car than the same year Caddy and has a better engine. As for comfort, it’s a couch on wheels.
my 2 cents,

My call on the mid-eightes iron was they all had terrible self diagnostic capabilites. Long diag times. Do you guys think that the 3800 was the best V-6 by GM? Or what was.

How old are you? And what kind of look are you going for? Those vehicles, style wise, are very different. I personally like the Trans Am from that list, but you might not look right driving it depending on your age. That’s my opinion anyway. I like what you’re doing, I like the 80’s and miss them too.

Also, how much do you have to spend on this project?

She’s a beaut!

Different strokes for different folks.

I had a mid-80’s Ford Crown Victoria for a while, and it was absolutely 100% reliable, so from that standpoint the Lincoln Town Car appeals to me, since they are mechanically similar.

For “fun,” I’d have to say the Trans Am, but, as others have pointed out, the 80’s were not the best years for these cars.

OK, in order of preference;

  1. Trans AM
  2. Eldorado (either one)
  3. Seville
  4. Park Avenue
  5. Town Car
  6. Volvo (this is the odd-ball in your list)

There’s nothing wrong with a Volvo 240, but what’s it doing here with all this American iron?

The point here is this; it matters not one iota what anyone else thinks. Buy whichever car YOU like, or keep looking until you find a car you REALLY want to own, and don’t worry about what others think of your choice. If you like it, that’s all that matters.

Have fun, and don’t worry about what others think.

Have fun pimpin’ your ride.

If you want something to ooze down the street, consider a 1980s Bentley Mulsanne. You might also consider a Benz 500SEL or a 300D. The Bentley will cost between $20,000 to $30,000 for a good car. I’m not sure about the MBs. Craig58 and Benzman do, though.

You can find a pretty decent old benz in the $5-10K range, buy it doesn’t sound like that’s what he’s interested in. How about a 60s vintage caddy if you want classic american iron.

Thanks for the responses. I don’t know – something cool about a big, boxy Volvo. It looks like you are successful but don’t care. (-: I love all the cars listed for different reasons. Father owned a car dealership, and I was always around cars as a child/young adult. I think the cars remind me of those happy times … plus I just miss the 80’s! Your thoughts and advice are appreciated. You think I could pull off the Trans Am look? I am a single professional man, mid 40’s – most say I am a big kid at heart. (-: LOL Thanks

I like volvos too, but it didn’t seem to fit into your list. The Trans Am might get old after a while, but if that’s what you want; go for it (I’m surprised you didn’t consider a vette if you like the Trans Am).

If you’re trying to pull off a “look,” you will be disappointed, no matter what you buy. Stop worrying about how others see you and be yourself. Buy whatever you like. It’s your money and your car. Why do you care so much what others think about it?

I was kidding about the “look.” I do think car styling is important, but I have always driven what I wanted to drive. I really like all the cars and was looking for feedback on some specific points – I thought maybe some of you have owned these cars or know something about them. Since I can buy only one, I thought I would ask for some input. For example, I really like the Eldorado cars, but posters here (and I have heard before) told me there is an engine issue. I may take a chance anyway and hope I am lucky with that model. It is one I have always liked. I received positive feedback on the Park Avenue, which is a favorite for me. As for the Trans Am, it is not something I would have selected, but the particular car I am considering is a very clean model, and I know the owner. I am considering it for that reason, but it would not be on my list otherwise. Thanks