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Michelin stored USED TIRES; GREAT TREAD, but are they safe?

Michelin, set of 4.
Stored inside another vehicle, yes kept out of elements, but auto NOT GARAGED!
I know nothing about tires.
Please assist me.

4 years ago I removed them from the Buick.
I placed the tires inside other vehicle, parked by garage, so tire not as much sun hit them.
But what of heat inside a parked auto?
Could it, and did it likely effect tire composition?

We’re nearly new when I removed them for winter.
FYI, than suffered TBI, and now disabled.
That is the HOW tires were in auto tucked away so long.

Your opinions ions and working knowledge is appreciated!!

Please assist me with this serious situation, since I have no knowledge of tires.

Thank you so much!

My apologies for oddities in spelling, on a cheaper tablet…
Be patient with me please.

Your screen name suggests you have a family. You have doubts about tires so why ask on the internet. Tires are important and these are well past the replacement age. Take them to a tire store and have them looked at.

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4 year old tire baked inside a closed vehicle? Is that what you are describing? That is not the proper way to store tires.

I would be surprised if they aren’t as had as a wooden 2x4! Tires age harden whether you drive them or not and wet traction is very dependent on the softness of the rubber as well as tread depth. I would not use them.

I suspect that these tires are far older than just 4 years, as they were removed from the OP’s Buick before being baked inside another vehicle for 4 years. For all we know, those tires could have been on the OP’s old Buick for 5 or more years before they were removed–and that only serves to strengthen my opinion that these tires are over-aged, and in the interest of safety, should not be used.


Not everyone knows what you are trying to say and some of us don’t intend to learn what apparently is twitter speak.

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It’s clearly a reference to Dwight Eisenhower, coupled with an acronym for his “New Digs in Washington”, right after he moved into The White House. (I have no insight as to how that historical reference relates to tires, however.)

Get with the program, man!

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Easy, gentlemen. I am conversant in these things…and I think given that 1) OP apologized for erratic spelling due to a cheaper tablet, and 2) IKE NDW corresponds to no abbreviations I know…that this was supposed to mean “like new” in context.


I think it should be:


yes, like new.
thank you

I dont goto online social media like twitter.
the tires were noy oder than 4 years.
I became disabled from brain trauma, quite an ordeal.
I have merely sought insight from those likely knowledgeable about tires.

I prefer research to solely a tire sales team with perhaps a sellers tell tale statement.

yes, this tablet is not the best device for typing, and yet I only have it to work with.
notably we are not all priviliged to have better equipment and very common due to illness or injury… both.

my graritude to you and others more interested in having developed unferstanding for plight of s one and all…
for your effort to ubderstand what I tried to convey.

thank you

I think people who are recovering from a TBI should be given some leeway on issues with typing, spelling, and grammar.


Can you or someone you know read the last 4 digits of the ‘DOT code’ (the tire’s serial number following “DOT” on the sidewall)? The date of manufacture is the last four digits of the DOT code. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the year. Knowing the year the tires were made will help us answer your question.


@texases is right. We should have the date code info. And I tend to disagree with the others here. 4 years old is not too old for a tire. 7 years, OK, but 4? That’s really a short time. And we are assuming that these tires were subjected to very high heat for long periods of time, but we really don’t know that, do we?

Everyone is very careful about telling someone an old tire is OK, because no one wants to be wrong about this. A tire shop or Michelin will tell you to discard the tires, because they do not want to be liable for anything. Well, it’s up to you.


Thank you for the compassion for us with brain trauma!
Yes we do struggle to communicate.
Whether our brain trauma resulted from from an accident, a work injury civilian, military service, domestic violence or in any other brain injury, we struggle. Thank you for your support of not only my effort to communicate but TBI citizens all.

I see.
It seems people would prefer to discard most USED TIRES.
However, I understand the situation for POOREST among us too.
In my case, I am fortunate in that I can use credit card and pay on it.
Sad for those who cannot go that route, too poor.
Or circumstance caused the problem with credit, money… Like injury often does.
For one example.
I notice some here are very AWARE of the problem situations some of us endure; like!E not all of us are healthy any longer, our finances depleted for medical care, etc. I hope more people here develop more of a good will for every American and not only those with convenience of money or health… And thus give input in a positive response!

The tires may be fine from what I have read here.
From information from other AUTOMOTIVE type HELP posting sites, same.
Also from poor I notice response of MORE LIKELY too consider USED, even so at 4 years!
I noticed also many statements of middle class keeping tires far longer than 4 years!

Thank you for your support and assistance to attempt to discern IF USED TIRES CAN BE SAFE, 4 YEARS OLD.
Yes, and kept as I described.

Life is for Living!

Thank you.
I think for me, a credit card debt is better than to worry over the tires.
I heard of this AUTOMOTIVE HELP POSTING WEB SITE and am glad I asked here.

Yes, I will know more about tires now.
Thank you

Do you need to remount and balance the tires on new rims, or just bolt them on and go? What kind of driving do you do, all around town or highway high speed driving?

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The OP said the tires were almost new when taken off. Are not most spare tires stored in a trunk? I would not hesitate to use them myself. I learned something new today, I had no idea what TBI stood for.

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Hopefully you knew the more common definition of TBI . . . throttle body injection

That makes two of us. As db4690 suggested, I was thinking of Throttle Body Injection, even if that wouldn’t have made much sense in the context of the sentence in which it was placed.
I like to be able to learn at least one new thing each day, and this meaning of TBI is one of my new facts for today.

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