Miata power steering leak

I have to add a little power steering fluid each week. I can’t find the leak, and the pump looks dry on the outside with no leaks. The lines also look good. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

Raise the car onto jack stands. Get under the car. Squeeze the boots on the ends of the rack. If fluid comes out or there is signs of fluid on the boots, you know the leak is at the seals of the rack.

Alternately, you could place a piece of cardboard under the car and see if spots develop over night. From the general location of the spots, you can direct the mechanic.

Understand also that the fluid is not under pressure when the car is turned off, so you might not see signs of a leak in the driveway. The chambers in the rack are only pressurized when the wheel is being turned. The system recirculates the fluid when the wheel is not being turned. And small leaks when pressurized (wheel turned) may not leak when stationary. Leaks from the rack seals also captured in the boots, as Researcher explained, preventing puddles in the driveway.