MG Logo



I have an old sterling silver MG logo, but it is more than the standard MG octagon. There are lions standing on either side, holding up a wheel over the octagon. The wheel has a pair of wings running across it. There is also a crown on top of the octagon.

My question is: Is this an authentic old MG logo, or was someone using a bit of creative license when they designed it. I would appreciate any sources of information.

I can send a photo if anyone is interested.

Thanks, and happy motoring!


Since no one has responded, and it’s been a million years since I’ve owned a British car and flat do no remember any of this, you might go to based in KS.

They specialize in MG stuff and have their catalogs on-line. Maybe rummaging through there will turn up something. You could also try sending them a pic and see if they can identify it. Good people to deal with also.