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Metallic Sheep Bahhh

I’ve got a 2002 Volvo S60 that at 1700 RPM’s (not 1600 or 1800) rattles with a noise akin to a sheep bah except its metallic. My mechanic cannot find the problem. The sound is only produced when driving, not when idling. Any suggestions?

SiouxP, I Have Found Two Techcnical Service Bulletins For Your Vehicle

The first one pertains to resonance sound that is transmitted through the strut/springs from the wheels. The fix is to install spring seat insulator plates (2) #30666314 upper & (2) #30666315 lower plates and a handful of other parts. I’m not sure if this noise cure fits the description of your problem or not.

The second one, that sounds like a very likely suspect, deals with installing a new (it must be revised) bracket # 8649872 & acouple of rubber parts (2) # 8666255, 3screws, and 3 nuts. The bulletin points out that it is supposed to fix a complaint of resonance and vibration that may be transmitted into the body of the car from the catylitic convertor and exhaust system. It moves the mounting of the bracket for the convertor to the car’s subframe from the car’s body. This sound like a possibilty to. Often times the engine “torquing” in its mounts when driving the car moves things into different positions than they are at idle.

I’m not sure if one can see evidence of wear, etcetera, just by examining this area of the vehicle. Perhaps a high volume Volvo dealer is familiar with these noise complaints and has an easy road-test diagnosis. Also, check also with your mechanic. See if he/she has access to Volvo Technical Service Bulletins.

That’s it for now. Good Luck!

Many thanks for the response. You may have hit things right with option two. I will talk this one over with the folks at my local Volvo dealership (again) with this info in mind.