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2002 Volvo S60

Hello all! I have owned a 2002 Volvo S60 2.4L for the past two years, and she has served me well. However, I have been having issues lately. She has hit 179,400-ish miles and with age things have started to fail. I want to know how much it will cost to fix these things and if I can do it myself.

  1. There is a metallic popping noise coming from the right front side of the vehicle everytime I make a turn (I haven’t particularly noticed if it’s a left- or right-hand turn when it happens.) I have been advised by my father that it’s probably a CV (constant velocity) joint. Is that what’s causing the noise?

  2. My right front headlight has gone out, and I’ve replaced the bulb as well as the fuse, but it’s still out. Could it be faulty wiring?

  3. The left front blinker has stopped blinking, I hope that’s as simple as changing out the bulb.

  4. The shift is automatic, but in the mornings (I’ve noticed it’s mostly when it’s cold outside) I attempt to move the shifter out of park and it won’t budge for several minutes. Sometimes I have to turn the engine off, and then turn it back on for the shifter to move.

  5. One last question- how often should I change and/or flush my transmission fluid and the filter, and can I do that myself or should I take it to the dealership? (Which I am reluctant to do.)

Thank you in advance for any advice that can be offered. I hope your day is wonderful!

  1. Probably. Have the axle replaced, not repaired.
  2. Need to have someone check it out.
  3. Probably the bulb
  4. Could be a failing safety interlock
  5. Every 30k to 50k miles, not a do it yourself item

Use the ‘Mechanics files’ above (or ask around) to find a good independent Volvo mechanic near you, none of this needs to be done by a dealer.


For number 4, have someone check if your brake lights are on when the problem occurs. If they’re not, then you have a problem with the switch at the top of the brake pedal.

2002 Volvo S60, T5, 110K miles.

Love this car, but it is expensive to fix. You should go to and look at the common problems other owners have had; I found it helpful.

To address your issues:

  1. Re: the noise in the front… It is either the front struts or the front arm bushings, depending upon which you haven’t replaced yet. This is a “known issue” with this car. I have had them both replaced.

  2. and 3. ~ If you haven’t realized this yet, this car burns out light bulbs faster than the Las Vegas Hilton. I don’t know why.