Mercury Villager door locks

My 1993 Mercury Villager Van door lock on the driver’s side has gone berzerk. It locks itself and everything else when you shut it. Sometimes it keeps repeating to lock while you are trying to exit. No one has been able to find a solution. Any suggestions?

I have the same problem with my '98 Villager. I have had it “fixed” three times…they all changed the same part, and the problem remains.

Door locks are a forgotten part of car repair. Nobody knows here to start.

I have a 96 Villager and the locks have been changed 3 times and the problem persists as you described with the door locks. The side door lock operates when it wants to. I no longer leave the vehicle running when I am away from it without leaving one of the windows down so I can let myself back into the van.

This is the only problem I have ever had with the Villager, so I think I’m doing well all things considered.