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Mercury Sable

Got a 2002 mercury Sable… Always stalls out at lights… Won’t idle will stall if you don’t give it gas… Also gas pedal cable broke and a spring is broke too… Can someone tell me approximate cost of this stuff and what might be wrong with engine

Before you look for answers to the stalling problem you need to confirm if the car is maintained up to date? When was the air filter changed last, spark plugs, etc. If the car has been properly maintained then you need to check out the idle air control valve, and the mass air sensor.

Haven’t really heard of a petal cable breaking. Part shouldn’t be too pricey, about $100 is my guess and the spring should be included in that. Sometimes getting these things through the dash and hooked up under the dashboard is just a bear due to limited work space. If the price quotes are higher it is due to more labor costs.

Very hard to give you costs without knowing what the problem is, but should be less than $500 and maybe a lot less. If the problem goes all the way back into the cars ECM (main computer controller) then you are looking at a lot more. Should be a lot of '02 Sable parts in salvage yards as they share Taurus parts. So if it is an ECM you go salvage yard first to save some bucks.

For the stalling issue, I’d check the Idle Air Control valve before anything else, based on your symptoms. Not uncommon, and not expensive at all… $60-80 probably, depending on source, and it’s a 5 minute DIY job for an inexperienced mechanic who barely knows the “lefty loosey, righty-tighty” rule.