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High idle 02 sable v-6 dohc

replaced egr sensor and idle motor and pvc valve idles at park but in gear after 2000 rpm … high idle back till 2 min., ??while driving but put it in neutral and idle comes back and stays till drive - 2000 rpm then bad ??? no codes

My daughter’s Taurus had us puzzled too and I’m not sure what made me look …
Take off the air intake tube and look into the throttle body at that round disc butterfly that opens and closes with the throttle.
Hers had worn the round disk butterfly so as to have a crescent shaped space at one side. ( the closing spring causes a constant tension on one side )
Even fully closed there was excess air flow there resulting in a constant high idle.

I hand built a new disc from plate steel and it worked like a champ.
You can not buy just the disc as a replacement part, only a throttle body assembly, but maybe used at a '‘recycling center’'wrecking yard.

still no idle venture not leaking ??at plate

what wrong with this ford ?

no buddy knows how to fix ford lol lol

have you hooked up a scanner to check for any stored fault codes?

Have you reset the KAM keep alive memory?

Have you verified that the IAC is getting power (5V reference, I believe)

Have you cleaned the throttle body?

no codes idle motor new and workin clean t/b to. on the idle motor when cold starts at 1500 rpm than slows down to idle must be working now on your kam / cleared codes it had with scanner after parts replaced still same trouble andno codes

On this vehicle there is a rubber vacuum line located very close to…and under the throttle body… If you start the car and open the hood you can hear the vacuum leak located at this VERY COMMONLY Cracked or broken vacuum line. Ive found this to be the case on well over 5 Sables and Taurus’s… You can duct tape the hose or replace it… VERY VERY COMMON ISSUE…YOu have a vacuum leak…and its located at a junction near the throttle body opening…and sort of below it… Look and listen to this area when the engine is running…use a rag to isolate the noise…the noise will go away when the rag gets close to the leak…it makes it a little easier to locate this way


i have been useing doctor scope with hose to find any leak still looking maybe only in gear at 40 mph wheres the napa fix it guy as seen on tv lol …

well it turned out to be the computer slow respond to idle motor thanks dudes for the help

well it turned out to be the computer slow respond to idle motor

Can you explain a little more?
Did you have a computer replaced to “fix” this problem?
Or was it a sensor?

computer replaced