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Mercury Sable 2008 - Driver-side air blows cold, but passenger side hot

This just started today. I had the A/C on and blowing around 74, and noticed it wasn’t actually cooling down well at all. I reached over and noticed the passenger side vents were coming out how, where the two vents on my side were properly cold.

A few months ago everything was blowing hot because of the fan. I had the entire unit replaced and everything has been A-OK…until now.

I had the A/C on with a single temp. I turned on dual-zone and that didn’t seem to change anything. Changed it back to single-zone and still, hot on the passenger side.

Has anyone run into this? My guess is maybe the cabin sensor or something is acting up, but that doesn’t make sense if only one side is affected. Unless each side has one.

Either the blend door on the passenger side isn’t working, or the climate control module isn’t working.


That would be an ideal setting for my wife and me.