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Passenger-side heat not working

After replacing the actuator behind the glove box, the passenger side heat and defrost are still not working. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the problem is? How to fix it? Or show me to a diagram for you to video on how to get the heat working again. Thanks all!

Can’t help if we don’t know what vehicle this is. But many have a calibration procedure. Might want to Google that to find out.

Oops! It’s an 08 Mercury Sable Premier, FWD.

[quote=“nbrisley_161067, post:3, topic:154924”]
08 Mercury Sable
[/quote] Hope this helps.

I had the exact same problem in my 2010 SEL. It’s one of the blend door motors/actuators. When you remove the glove compartment you’ll see one right behind it, but unfortunately it’s not the one causing this issue. The one you’re looking for is behind the stereo and/or climate controls and is rather difficult to access. (I had to do the whole job lying upside down on the passenger seat, so it was disorienting to say the least.)

This was the part I installed:

After that, heat for the passenger side was restored.

Thank you very much. Can you access the 2nd blend door by removing the stereo, or is it best to go through the glove box? I replaced one blend door that was causing a loud knocking noise when the dual climate controls were turned off right behind the glove box.