Mercury Monterey Van

I have a 2005 Mercury Monterey van with roughly 42k miles. I purchased it May 08 and have only put about 7k miles on it. I love the van, but the other day, it just stalled in traffic with no warning. After coasting into a nearby lot, it restarted with no problem, but idled a little rough. I then started out into traffic, only to stall again. While coasting along and in neutral, the van was able to be restarted. While stopped at a red light, the van then idled at about 4,000 rpm in Park. When the light changed and I began to move again, it stalled and I coasted into yet another lot. This time, the van started easily again, but when I shifted into reverse, I was unable to move. It was like being in neutral no matter what gear I was in. Right now, the van is in the shop and the mechanic is at a loss and believes it to be a wiring or computer issue after consulting a transmission specialist. Please, can anyone offer a suggestion?