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Mercedez Benz 1995 c class by elegance

Hello .

I do not know much about cars,first of all.

I bought a Mercedes benz 1995 c class a few weeks ago . It stood still for 2 years .
Issue NO 1 :

First thing I need to see it fix , is a coolant leakage ( green fluid) . The only place it leaks , is just beneath the radiator , like between the fan and the motor, almost it seems it leaks from the propeller. And always after 1p min of leaving the engine running . I did some research and I think it might be the thermostat as this would make sense .

Like shown in the photo . I saw other mercedez benz from the same year with the same type of leakage and in the same place n manner , after leaving the motor for around 5 to 10 minutes running.

Issue NO 2 :

The second issue is there is a big bang , felt in the back or almost in the middle of the car , only when I start accelerate and it moves or a bit after or before. I heard it must be the drive shaft slip yoke being dry .

That s all . Thank you in advance for any tip you can give , or help and also if anyone knows where I can get this car s manual online .


You’d better find a friend that knows a lot about cars. You have problems, that may be MAJOR problems.

I hope you got this thing cheap because you are about to spend a lot of money and will not have much to show for it.
I never understand people with limited vehicle knowledge buying vehicles that need a lot of work.

Sell it while it still runs.


We can’t see the car, we can’t hear the car, but we know you know little about cars. You now have a 25-year-old car that has problems, maybe big problems, and you seem to think we can give you easy answers. Those answers can only come from someone looking at the car.

The amount of money it will take to make this a good vehicle will be more than the cost of one that is already a good car.

I understand that . I know . Whatever tip or advice you can give would be appreciated . I want to learn about cars . I found out about how the thermostat works . So basically it could be just that . As it happens after the motor gets to a temperature . That s a start . I also found the drive shaft thing .
It can be many things, but I m assuming there are some ways of telling it just by this .

If not , I ll just keep on searching for it .

But this is a start , nothing more .

The place where it leaks , these types of green puddles I m assuming someone with experience can tell the possible causes, so I can check them

Might also be the head gasket, but I don t think it s the case

You see ? How can you say that , by my description and the puddle type in the photo ?
Some here say they need to see n hear the car , you say already it s messed up .
This tells me , the probability of finding good help here is low .

If I were an expert in cars n saw this , I would say: check head gasket , check thermostat, radiator cap , drive shaft slipe yoke , water tank and whatever . Just some damn starting points . Lol

But I m.assuming, if I were an expert and saw the type of green puddle I could definitely identify the possible causes

You forgot radiator, hoses, water pump.

This is a 25 year old car that has sat for 2 years, without actually seeing the car, there is no way to tell.

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I checked the hoses . I ll check again . Also I ll check the radiator . What should I be looking for at the radiator ? Thank you btw :grin:
Oh water pump . I ll check that also .

I vote that the leak is from the water pump, not the thermostat. Your water pump is directly behind what you call the “propellor” which is actually the engine fan.


oh… let’s say we have a number of experts here, but at the description you are providing, it may certainly be deduced that some of 50+ parts where antifreeze is contained has a LEAK (!)

moreover, by the picture of the puddle, the leak is BIG (!)

imagine that antifreeze is not merely stored that in the system, but it circulates and once it is heated up, it gets pressurized

since nobody can see all the possible places where it can leak from, this is up to YOU to troubleshoot where pressurized liquid is exiting the system, it can not be done over the internet

Then that s very bad . But it only happens when the motor is a bit hot . And I just saw a video on whater pump . It s near the engine n timing belt . The leakage is away from that . Almost like it doesn t enter the radiator , and would make sense cuz the thermostat opens the way after the engine gets hot .
I hope it s not the water pump . But if it is , I ll just change it and the timing belt . Or at least I ll try . Might take few months though .

Got it . Thank you for your reply . I ll do my best to look for it . I ll check if the thermostat is working or not then check for other possible things . As you say there may be dozen . That gives me a prospect .

I ll check what u said about stored and pressurized . This helps me contour the problem .

Thanks !

Coolant leak possibilities: leaking radiator, leaking radiator hose(s). Leaking water pump, leaking thermostat housing.
Causes for bang on acceleration: engine backfire, axle, drive joints, Ball joints, control arm bushings, trialing arms. Can narrow it down with more info. Is it a bang or clunk. Do you feel it in your steering wheel? Frankly if this is a project for you to do repairs I don’t know if you can obtain the knowledge needed to do any major work on this car in order to get any satisfaction from a finished product. Finding a coolant leak like the one showed in the photo, should be completely obvious to any beginner. Also anything loose enough to clunk loud enough to describe as a bang should be found in minutes. You are right, you may not be able to get the help you need here. We can’t see the vehicle. You might want to hook up with someone like a friend with some automotive knowledge that can call this a project with you, or you might want to take it into a shop for diagnosis and repair. If you still want to do the work, take it in for a diagnosis and do the repairs yourself. But by all means be prepared to pay a diagnostic fee.

Find somebody who has experience with car’ repairs.
It will be much faster learning experience.
Also, Mercedes Benz is probably the most expensive piece of machinery to learn on… something like Fiat 124 or its cousin LADA can be found in Romania for cheap I bet and it will allow repairs with a screwdriver and a sledge-hammer

It is behind the fan on your engine, not near the timing belt or timing chain on your engine.

You can’t wait a few months. By then you’ll need another engine. And whatever video you’re watching doesn’t apply to your car!!!