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Mercedes wont give up

My 84 mercedes wagon often “diesels” for several minutes after shutting the ignition off. I know the vaccum system is tied into the shutoff, but where di I start looking for the leak?

Is your car a diesel?I know your OP reads after shutting of the ignition.I have seen a Mercedes diesel that the engine would not shut down due to a vacuum leak.But I am no Mercedes deisel tech.How Mercedes generates the vacuum on their diesels i dont know

I also have no idea about how to go about diagnosing the shutoff system, but I can tell you that there should be a tab connected to the linkage under the hood that you can push down to manually shut the car off.

The fault’s mine. Sometimes, I just don’t understand too good. Would you explain your situation in a little more detail? Does the engine have a carb, or, is it diesel? What would the “shutoff” be shutting off? Fuel? Air?

I’m not real sure if we’re talking about a diesel engine continuing to turn over or if it’s a gas engine that is dieseling.

If it is a diesel engine, a vacuum leak will prevent the key from shutting off the engine because the fuel shut-off is vacuum operated. If it is a gasoline engine that is “dieseling” after the ignition is shut off, it is probably in need of a “turn-up.”