Why my car is shut off?

Dear Tom and Ray,I have VW Jetta GL 1998 4 cyl.,a week ago when I am driving and am going to stop at the red light,the car is shut off,my mechnic said it is the Distributor , I changed the Distributor ,timing belt and tune up,but still same problem,please can you tell me what I should do?

thank you very much,


There may be a vacuum air leak causing this problem. If you have a idle air and EGR valve check them also for trouble.

I have seen this problem on many golfs and jettas, there is a rubber vacuum hose about 3/4 inch in dia, at the back of the head on the #4cyl beside intake manifold,this hose often fails due to its thin construction,if not, spray intake cleaner around TBI while wiggling it, there is a rubber mounted TBI gasket that often fails in the 1.8l engines.