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Mercedes Heater Fan and Radio

This is a 1993 car… The blower fan squeaks at start up and is worse with the cold. Last winter my mechanic gave it a shot of some lube material but it did not solve the problem. I asked him for the part number which he gave me and found them blower motors only for a hundred dollars. He is telling me it will cost me $600.00 to fix this problem. What am I missing? Or is he trying to gouge me? With winter approaching I would like to get this fixed. But $600. seems high.

The other problem is with the radio. It died last winter, but returned during the summer months. The mechanic says the whole thing has to be replaced, but I question that diagnosis as well. Maybe a short or a poorly insulated area. Cold is the problem.

Thanks for any input or advise

The high cost to replace the motor may be due to a lot of labor time to get at the motor. I have never replaced one but some vehicles are a lot harder to work on than others. You may want to ask some other shops for a repair quote to see what they say about the cost of repair.

The radio problem may be due to a faulty power supply wire to the radio or the radio could have internal problem. The trouble area needs to be located before replacing anything.