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Fan blower

The fan blower for the air cond and heater stopped working. The local repair shop could not figure it out.It is a 1997 ford mercury villager it should not be that complicated. Do you folks have any idea. Thanks Tony

You need a new mechanic. The blower motor circuit is easy to troubleshoot and finding the problem should take very little time.

Is this one of those fancy digital jobs that allows you to set different temperatures for driver and passenger?

no it is not one of those fancy jobs. The mechanic said he hooked to his computer could not find anything wrong except it would not blow air. Very disapointed in this mechanic.Thanks again. ps is this an expensive job? Tony

I assume the blower doesn’t work at any speed, including high. The high speed bypasses the resistors that control the lower speeds of the blower. There may be a bad over temp limit device with the resistors that has opened up and causing the trouble. There could be a faulty blower relay causing the trouble. I assume the fuses were checked already for any bad ones. The motor itself could be bad also. Appling power directly to it will verify the condition of the motor.

Cost of repair will depend on what the real trouble is and can run up a pretty good bill when labor is included and things are hard to get at.

Would a new motor the most expensive. This is a second car. I In florida no need for heat. As far as air is concernred I do not use it that much and have acesse to a newer car. 300.00 is the most i would even consider. Thanks Tony