Mercedes E320 1999 rust problems

In January 2008 I found the front coil spring from my Mercedes E320 ( 1999 model; 80,000 miles) lying on my driveway as I tried to reverse the car out. I stopped the car and spoke to the local dealership in Connecticut who asked that I have the car towed to the shop on a flat bed truck. I was advised that the spring had come off and had to be welded back by a Body shop.The front right spring had come off because of some rusting process. This was very worrying for me. Further inspection revealed that not only the right spring had rusted but the left one was also in the same condition.Mercedes Corporate checked the car and agreed to refund me for a 50% of the costs for both springs.

Since then rust has begun to appear on five different spots under the paint on the body. I am very disappointed because the car is now in a position that I cannot even sell it or reliably keep it. What suggestion would anyone have on how to deal with this problem with Mercedes, USA as their cars, they maintain, are not supposed to rust in this manner?

Rusty front sub frame and spring mounts were at one time covered by MB. I guarantee the dealership in Connecticut is familiar with this issue on the 210 chassis and their failure to take care of the issue when it was in their shop speaks volumes on how they perceive their responsibility.

I would not deal at the dealership level any longer. Instead, contact your zone rep and file a formal inquiry for factory repairs. You can get your zone reps contact information at MBUSA. Good luck with this.

Your rust problems will evolve well past your current damage, showing up on almost all panels and under body eventually. Knowing the rust issues that this particular chassis line is plagued with, I have vowed to never own another Mercedes 210 chassis ever.


It’s just another car…Reality can be so cruel… Chevy Celebrity, Benz 320, what’s the difference?? At the end of the recycling process, they ALL look the same…The shredder does not care if it was $17K or $70K it was chewing up…Yum-Yum! $60 a ton…

The Benz’s are way down in the far right corner…roll the windows up and bring the keys…