Mercedes E320 1999 brake lining

A sign appeared in my car indicating need for brake lining replacement. A MB dealer has indicated that I need both front and rear brake lining plus rotors plus back calipers as they became damaged too. Also indicated is a need to replace front right tyre rod. The car has done 100,000 miles and brake pads were last replaced about 40,000 miles earlier. How do I know if what I am being told is correct?

All these problems are very easy to show to you. You could ask the tech or service advisor to show you the car during the inspection. I always thought seeing is believing. Worn brake linings are easy to show you. Rotors could be rust pitted, which is very obvious even to the less informed customer. I have also shown customers the rotor thickness spec book and measured the rotors in front of them, showing them the reading on the micrometer to prove they needed to be replaced. A worn tie rod end is also easy to demonstrate to a customer; they can point to the part and show you the looseness. Any visible lateral movement in the ball-and-socket is excessive in my opinion. You would also need an alignment with the tie rod end, as the toe setting will no longer be remotely close once the tie rod end is replaced. 40k miles is pretty good life for a set of brakes.