Mavis said I need new rears brakes

Hello all. I have a 2014 Nissan Sentra with about 28k miles. Brought car into Mavis to have slow leaked in my tire checked out and they said my rear pads were just about gone and rotors were pretty bad too. Is there anyway I can verify That pads or rotors are shot and how??..after removing tire I assume…lol.
I haven’t heard any noises or anything unusual from the brakes. Thanks a lot,

Not hard.

Remove tires/wheels, inspect brake components.


It might not be obvious what to look for if you are doing this for the first time. Do you know anybody that could show you what to look for while you’re both looking at the brake parts with the car on a jackstand and the wheel off? Once you’re shown, then you can do it yourself going forward.

Nobody to help? Take it to another shop for an opinion if you aren’t certain what the first shop says is true.

Did they document your brake pad and rotor thickness on your estimate?
Some will try to sell a brake job when there is 1/3 brake pad left. It would help to know the pad thickness.

You could take pictures of the brake pads and rotors, post them and perhaps we could make an assessment.

If you remove the wheels, you’ll find an “inspection window” in the center of the edge of the calipers. With the wheel off and a good light, you can look into the window of one and see how much pad you have left. And if you need pads, you’re better to get rotors too… I assume you probably don’t have a micrometer or a method of measuring “runout”.

Actually, the best bet for you is to simply go to an independent shop you trust and get a second opinion.


Okay, so never mind my question on your other discussion. I wonder what your front brakes look like? Do you drive like you’re on a race track all the time?

You need a second opinion on your brakes. I would stay away from “Mavis” if you find out that they were feeding you a line.

Do you get a vehicle report with your oil change? I do, and it includes brake pad thickness. Next oil change take it to somewhere that does. Possibly look at the paperwork from your last oil change to see if brakes were noted.