Mercedes Benz S430 2006

Unsure what is happening but randomly vehicle will stop allowing me to accelerate. The triangle ! and triangle car lights turn on and the car just stops accelerating when I press the gas. If the cruise control is on, the car will continue to go the speed it is set to, and i can set the cruise when this happens. When I turn the vehicle off and back on when this happens, everything goes back to normal and I’m able to drive just fine. Trying to figure out if this is an issue with the computer in the vehicle or something else.

There’s a component called an accelerator pedal position sensor in your vehicle.

When you step on the accelerator, this sensor sends a signal to the computer, and the computer operates the electronic throttle body.

When the cruise is used, there is no signal from the accelerator position sensor to operate the electronic throttle body, so the vehicle maintains speed.

So, you may be looking at a flaky accelerator pedal position sensor.


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You almost certainly have some stored fault codes that would be helpful, in terms of us giving you advice