Mercedes Benz message

I am the brand new owner of a Mercedes Benz 2008 E 350. 2 days ago when I turn on the car I get the message " Schedule c maintenance due in 13 days" What are the actions that are part of a Schedule C maintenance. This car has 92,400 miles on it . The Owners manual is not very much help with this.

It’s probably quite comprehensive and expensive. The 13 days indicates that this is time based, regardless of mileage. I would try to get online with Mercedes and see what is is.

The dealer will probably have the basics plus a load of other items.

My guess is to budget $600-$1000 depending on location.

Service code “C” is only a time estimate for the amount of time necessary to perform the service (about 3 hours). The maintenance code is shown in the display menu. See pages 322-323 of the owners manual.

The maintenance guide is a separate booklet and available online;

I’m guessing that service code “C” includes blinker fluid refilling and wallet flushing…

Yep looks like mainly checking every thing plus an oil change. Undoubtedly they will recommend filter changes, brake pads, alignment, coolant change, brake fluid change, wiper change, etc. etc. Plus they’ll need to plug in to the computer and reset the service minder for you. On our Acura I can reset level one myself but anything after that has to be done by the dealer.

Gee, that’s a really long list @Bing. I find that I only need alignment when I need new tires. As long as tire wear is even, alignmentt isn’t needed. The air filters should be changed when dirty. If the dealer recommends changing them, make them show you the filters. If they don’t look dirty, they are OK. It seems to me that the air filters need to be changed every 20,000 miles or so. On my cars, anyway. 90,000 miles is about right if the coolant has not been changed, and brake fluid is overdue if it was never changed. The same goes for the transmission fluid. Unicom man, if you are the original owner and kept your receipts, all the work the dealer did should be itemized. The mileage is als on the invoice. You can set up a time line of all the work done in the past and use that to help you decide what needs to be done.

Jt, he said he’s the “brand new owner” of the car.

If he intends to keep the car for the long term and enjoy the pride of MB ownership, my recommendation is to find an independent shop that specialized in MB and bring the car in for the checkup. I’d also recommend that he bring large bags of cash, most of it with photos of Ben Franklin on it.

I wish him all the best.