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Help..... mercedes manual does not provide maintenance list/diagrams

Thanks for your replies!!!

I am trying to help my father keep up with the maintenance on his car. He has a 2008 mercedes C300 automatic 20,000miles.

In my honda manual, it lists the service intervals and what parts/fluids need to be changed. It even has diagrams to show where fluids and filters are.

I’ve read his mercedes manual and it doesn’t say when to change fluids, plugs, timing belt, filters, etc. Nor does it mention service intervals. And it doesn’t provide diagrams to show parts, etc. I should be grateful that they do have a section on replacing car light bulbs and wiper inserts!!! All I have found is a page that says a light will come on to indicate time for maintenance.

Does anyone know where I can find a list/website that I can use as reference guide for maintenance? Or can anyone provide a general maintenance list?

again thank you!!

That’s about right for Mercedes products.
You might be better off looking at their website, or calling your local dealer and getting some info from their service manager.

The car uses high quality synthetic fluids for the engine and transmission, and rear axle.
The automatics typically only get a fluid change later in their lifetime, which can be somewhere between 50k and 100k miles.

Engine oil is full synthetic 5W40 or 0W40, and is typically changed either once a year, or between 7k and 15k miles, depending on usage, and these cars have an oil life monitoring system that is extremely accurate. I still recommend at least once a year changes.

Air filters are once every 30k to 60k miles, as most of their cars have 2 large air filters in the air box, that feeds the engine.

Other than that, your father’s car is ready for the brake fluid to be flushed.
That should be done every 2 years, and you are well advised to replace it on a Mercedes, because it is REALLY expensive to replace brake system bits on his car.

Other than that, the C300 is a great car.
I like them a lot.


Found it for you online:

This one is for your father’s car.


It came with an Owner’s Manual and a Maintenance Manual. You can get the Maintenance Manual downloand at (click at the bottom for English)

You must have an old Honda. The new ones use an Oil Life Monitor. It will tell you when to change the oil. If you look in the neew HOnda owner’s manuals, they tell you to get your oil changed when the OLM tells you to.

What does a Honda Owners Manual have to do with a Mercedes C300?
Did you read the original post fully?


Thank you so much guys…esp you Bladecutter for going the extra step!!! My dad loves his car and he keeps telling me I’m going to inherit it;)

Bladecutter, that link was exacting what I was looking for! I can’t believe ATF is serviced at 50,000k or later. I told my dad that he should get the brake fluid flushed. He is good at keeping up with oil changes and rotating tires. Since I changed the engine air filter and cabin air filter in my Honda, he wants me to do the same for his car…my new project…finding diagrams or youtube videos of replacing air cleaner filters;) Father and daughter bonding time;) thank you!!!

"What does a Honda Owners Manual have to do with a Mercedes C300?
Did you read the original post fully? "

Of course. And the post had nothing to do with the Benz, but was directed at the OPs perceptions of what an owner’s manual should have in it. It appeared to me that the OP thought that the MB owner’s manual was unusual in it’s lack of a maintenance plan. I was pointing out that even Honda no longer provides some information, like an oil change interval.