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Mercedes A190 won't start but battery fine - no starter click

have a 2000 Mercedes A190 that i just bought used with 40K km on it. excellent apparent condition. just had the 80K service done by the Mercedes dealer. drove 2K from geneva to nice - came home and drove one day - parked the car - next morning it wouldn’t start. all the electronics are fine - battery is ok (tried jumping to be sure). but there is no start and no noise from the starter. simply turn the key and no noise at all. what’s wrong?

1st, ensure the cables are on tight, clean and with no powder, or deterioration. white or green powder indicates corrosion, and that will give these symptoms.

it may be the starter gone bad, but without more inspection it would be difficult to say.

do you have/ know how to use a multimeter? while someone turns the key, check the power lead (and ground) to the starter. see if it is getting power, and how much. if it is not getting power, then the problem lies with the wiring, fuses, or ignition. but if you are seeing juice at the starter (but the starter isn’t cranking) then you need a new starter.

Go to the red banner and click on Search. In the keyword block, type in something like: No start. Read those past posts. One of them will apply especially to you.
This question is asked, and answered, several times a day.

I assume it is in park, try starting it in neutral and see what happens.

next day went out. same thing, but this time … one click. i pumped the gas pedal several times and this time it started. differences: pumping pedal (didn’t do that before) and it was significantly warmer outside.

any reason pumping the pedal would suddenly work? and if there were something related to cold and/or wet that resolved itself once warm/dry - what would it be?

wow now im more lost then before,so i guess it does crank,just no start???

no - it started that time and every time since w/o any trouble. now i’m curious why it wouldn’t start for two days.

it was cold/wet (had been thru a snowstorm in the alps) - that’s the only environmental possibility. so i’m curious if something in the a190 if wet would cause this. or are there any issues with no gas in the engine for combustion

. This question gets asked, and answered, many times. The answer are fairly unvarying. On the red banner, click on Search. In the Keyword block, type something about "no start’, or “hard start”. Click on Search. A LOT of previous posts, dealing with your problem, will appear.

It sounds like something got wet, but I don’t know what. BTW, we don’t have A-class cars in the U.S., so you might find better answers on a euro based forum.

yes you said that already. thanks. but i’m interested in the conversation that is occurring HERE.

what kit is referring to is the multiple answers, explanations and reasons that have been already answered in other posts. i know you think this is “just your specific problem” but this is a common, recurring topic (not just here, but in several forums)

i guess sometimes it gets tiresome to answer, re answer, and then answer again the same question ad infinitum (ad nauseum)