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Try the library

Upon listening Sunday night to your Saturday night show and hearing you suggest to a caller that he get a wire diagram for his vehicle, as it sounded like he shorted out fusible links even though the car started. You suggested to the kaching$$$200.00 he could purchase the car’s wiring manual, or go down to some guys shop and offer $5. How about the public library? I have gone there over the years for various vehicle repair/manuals for reference in solving a problem. And, its’s free. They may not have what he needs, but what does he have to lose. Besides, if he has a library card (and for shame if he doesn’t) he can search on line and often within a state there is interlibrary loans. So if he lives in Lincoln, NE and a library in North Platte has one, ta-da. Just a wee bit to offer to the cartalk guru’s. You are the best and Sundays always finish laughing. Might as well, back to the grindstone in the morning. Ever faithful listener KC

Too bad the boys never come here. Might try the “Show” forum. My library experience hasn’t been that good though since all they carry are the very generic Motors manuals. I hear some libraries in the big city has access to All Data though.

Thanks, Bing, will do. And yeah, some are better than others.

Yes, our Buffalo & Erie county library offers Chilton’s online, but if you want Alldata it is only available from our downtown library’s computer terminals.

The only public library that MIGHT have that up-to-date data would be the Boston Public Library. Nothing close to where I live would have that.

I get free wiring diagrams for many cars at Autozone’s website.

Short of that a repair manual with basic wiring diagrams can often be had for all of about $20.

Any of those diagrams can be iffy - but there’s not much of a way around that.