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Mechanic Lost My Key and Fob

Brought my car to a local mechanic I’ve been using a while for a Check Engine light. The repair was too expensive for right now, but the car was driveable in the short term. He didn’t charge me anything for checking the code. I went to pick it up the next morning and he couldn’t find the car key or the separate fob for the doors/alarm. Thankfully I had my wife’s set on me. I had to go to work, so he said he’d continue to look for them through the day. It’s lunchtime now and nothing.

What are my rights here? Would he have to re-key the car and supply a new key and fob? This would give me peace of mind, but then makes my wife’s set unusable, so this key (and fob?) would need to be replaced also. Would I be on the hook for any of this?

Very frustrated as I don’t like confrontation at the best of times.

No. Why would you think this? The car was in his possession, he lost the key and FOB, it is his problem.


Why don’t you start out by asking him how he is going to resolve the situation?
If his “solution” is not acceptable, you still have the option to become confrontational, but if this guy values your past–and future–business, he just might offer something reasonable.

Let him make an offer, and see if that is acceptable to you.

Agreed that this is the mechanic’s problem to solve, or at least address to your satisfaction.

Personally I’d have a locksmith program and cut a new fob and key for the car, and the mechanic pick up the cost. I wouldn’t worry about the old key. Even if it’s ever found, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever be able to match it your car.

I would give some incentive to make finding the key/fob a high priority. Stress that you need 2 sets, pronto. Accidents do happen (although it is keys to a car) and I would give him until closing time to find them. At that time I’d specify the remedy if that doesn’t happen and make sure he understands and agrees to that.

You’re not asking a favor or a vehicle improvement, but rather just trying to be made whole again.
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Just remain calm until when and if he balks about replacing them. If he starts stonewalling then you will have to push the issue even if you do not like confrontation.

That depends on what information the shop puts on the key tag. In my case, I’m the only one with my last name in a 200-mile radius, so a tag with a last name alone on it would be a problem.

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, I’m the only one with my last name in a 200-mile radius,

Same here with the last name the shop I use only put’s the first name on the key tag for their regular customer’s,

So was the car still in the repair bay or was it parked outside? Someone had to have had the key last. At any rate if you don’t find it (gotta be in someones pocket or on the counter) get another fob and program it or have it done at the dealer. I bought two new ones for mine for about $60 and cost a little over $100 for the dealer to program them.

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I thought Rebels liked confrontation.