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Meaning of "Santa Fe"

Really annoyed me on the show today, WNYC-93.9 / NYC area.

I think the meaning of Sante Fe is “Holy Faith” or “Holy the Faith” … San / Sante / Santa is usually translated as saint or holy … and “Fe” is faith, as in the root of “fidelity” or “fidelis” … keeping faith, keeping true.

Sante Fe was founded in 1610 … as the capital of the Kingdom of New Mexico (accd’g to Wikipedia, I think).

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Sooooooooooo…what did they say on the show?

“Sante…is usually translated as saint or holy”

In what language?
As far as I recall (and according to my reference sources), there is no Spanish word, such as, “santé”.
However, in French, it means, “health”.

@VDCdriver Santa Claus was introduced by the original Dutch settlers as Saint Nicholas (Sint Nicolaas in Dutch) and at some stage was changed to Santa Claus, Santa is Spanish and Claus is German for Nicholas. "The Night Before Christmas has th original title “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. Saint Nicholas in Holland comes on the night of December 5, though the chimney and leaves presents there. Kids put out their wooden shoes with some hay for his horse (no reinder, he rides a white stallion) since he comes from Spain, not the North Pole.

The German influence came from George III, Elector of Hannover, Germany, who also introduced the Christmas tree to the new world.

I’m sure the posters already know all this, but US festivities are an amalgem of various traditions.

The Dutch “Sinter Klaas” also wore white robes, wore a bishop’s miter, and carried a bishop’s staff. In other countries, St. Nick is dressed in green, black, and white often wears a bishop’s miter.
Some people refer to the contemporary American Santa as the “Coca Cola Santa” because he was first depicted that way in 1920’s Coca Cola ads.

@B.L.E Quite correct; the original St Nicholas was Bishop of Smyrna, Turkey, which was then a Christian region. He became the patron saint of children. Sinter Klaas is the folksy name for him in Holland and that’s what kids call him. That’s maybe what got metamorphosed into Santa Claus.

In Holland he wears a bishop’s robe and miter and carries a staff. He has a black servant, Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). The ever politically correct Dutch are now eliminating Black Peter on racist grounds.

Doc–I am well aware of all the info that you mentioned, but…what does that have to do with my comment that, “Sante” is not a Spanish word?

Of course, “Santa”, is a Spanish word, but…“Sante”…I don’t think so…

To address OP, the real name of Santa Fe is La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis (Royal Town of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi). Santa Fe does indeed mean holy faith.

The city was actually founded some time between 1000 and 1100 by the Pueblo, but was only named Santa Fe when the Spanish re-formed the town in 1607.

NM was never a European kingdom. It was a province of New Spain at the time in question.

Source: Used to live there.