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McLeod clutch squeak/squeal

Hey all. Looking for assistance here!

I just took delivery of a 2018 wide body hellcat challenger, 1,100 miles on the car. The vehicle has a level 2 package from OST Dyno and some other upgrades.

The clutch is a McLeod twin clutch. When releasing the clutch pedal I get a short squeal/squeak as I engage the next gear and it’s very difficult to keep the car from bucking a little regardless of the RPMs or how smoothly or quickly I release the pedal. Happens in the first 4 gears and the only way to avoid it is to release the pedal REALLY slowly, almost having to ride the clutch to get any sort of smooth and noiseless shift. Obviously this doesn’t make for very quick shifts or very fast passes when I eventually get to the track.

Given the mileage on this car, what could the problem be? I appreciate any input!

A performance car, with a performance clutch, and you want smooth shifts ?

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Very helpful and knowledgable response! Thank you!

Bucking and squealing regardless of speed or RPM isn’t normal for any vehicle with any clutch… and yes, a performance vehicle with performance clutch in good working order will shift as smoothly as the driver shifts it. My other non widebody hellcat which also has a McLeod clutch (although different model) is smooth as butter on the street and on the track.

You have a race spec double disk clutch designed for performance, not smoothness. If you think this is annoying, a single plate metallic clutch would be far worse.

I am surprised you didn’t complain about clutch rattle at idle. If you don’t have it now, you likely will when it wears a bit.

This is the same thing I told you on reddit.

Because who ever did these modifications might not have done them properly . Have you talked to the place you bought it from ?

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And as I said on reddit, this far beyond just the “discomfort” of a racing clutch. This vehicle wouldn’t perform on the track based on what it’s doing. I am no stranger to these vehicles, this style of clutch, or drag racing.

You’re trying to drive a car on the street that was built for the track.