G6 Resale Value

I drive a 2006 Pontiac G6 with a fancy 4 panel sunroof.

The sunroof had a mechanically retracted piece of canvas that covered it when it was closed. The motor to retract the canvas broke and the shop wanted close to $1000 to fix it. Buying the part and trying to fix it myself would have cost me around $300.
Instead, I cut the piece of canvas out.

How much do you think this will affect the resale value of my car (100,000 miles, everything else works fine).


Probably about $1000 since that is what it will cost to fix it. Maybe a little more for the trouble the new owner goes through to fix it.

Oh brother did you shot yourself in the foot. When you trade the vehicle in they will probably hammer you down on a value. $1000.00? More since the dealer would figure the mechanism AND the canvas cover. Plus you must remember that since Pontiac is DOA certain odd parts like yours might be hard to find. Manufactures are not required to make every part for X amount of years. You might get hammered down and the dealer would have no intention of repairing you hack job.

Why did you cut it out? Was it simply so you could use the sunroof? IMOO you should have done without the pleasure of the open air.

meaneyedcatz, the canvas was pretty slack and made a whooping sound if I had the windows open with the canvas forward, and if I bumped the open button it would hang down over my head/ block my rearview. When the stinkin’ thing worked I almost always kept it retracted. The air flow in the car is pretty piss pour when the sunroof vents are shut, but running the fans kills the MPG.

Frankly, I consider the entire car a lemon and a lost cause. I got suckered into buying a car that had more features than I needed, at the expensive of the one thing I really wanted (MPG). To make it worse, I bought it in 2008 right before the auto companies all went belly up and there were good deals to be had. I’ll keep it so long as it’s not breaking down (I don’t have to do much driving anymore- I can walk to work), but once it starts to show its age, it’s gone no matter what.

“air flow in the car is pretty piss pour when the sunroof vents are shut, but running the fans kills the MPG.”

No poorer than a coventional hardtop model. And running the blower fan alone on vent certainly does not kill the MPG.

FoDaddy, it may be no worse, but it feels worse than other cars I’ve owned. I never let empirical evidence stand in the way of my gut feeling!

If you are going to keep the vehicle then you might want to look for a 1-piece sunroof to replace yours. Just make sure to measure about 3 times before you buy one. They run about $300 or so.

Thank goodness the moonroof cover on my Lincoln is digital; as in an index finger. There’s never been a problem with the retract mechanism yet. :slight_smile:

It seems to me that a stinking motor along with more wiring and complexity is a ridiculous feature on something like this.

The car is 6 years old with 100k miles now. If you go to sell it or trade it say nothing and leave it up to the buyer. If they ask, be honest about it.
It may affect the price some but I sure don’t see it affecting the price by that much.