MB C Class

Hello all,

I have a 2000 MB C230 Kompressor. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a vibration when the car is stopped. Specifically, when the car is in drive & the foot on the brake, the car vibrates. There is no squeaking of the brakes & feel that the brakes are in good condition. Any suggestions on
what might be causing the vibration is much appreciated. Thank you!

D in AZ

Is the engine running smoothly or misfiring? What happens if you put it in neutral or park?

Hello Caddyman,

The engine runs normally; it does not misfire or sound differently. When the car is in drive, neutral, park, etc, the engine runs normally. The only time that the car vibrates is when the car is in drive, at a full stop, and your foot is on the brake. Suggestions?

Just wanted to add, that the vibration only happens when the car is in drive, at a complete complete stop, and the brake petal is fully engaged and/or depressed.

See if it does it with just the parking brake engaged…Hold that brake with your foot if you have to…