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Mazda Warranty Woes

Dear Click and Clack,

What can I do to get Mazda Corporate to extend the warranty my 2006 Mazda 6? I purchased the car off-lease 1 year ago, with 27k miles and the balance of the 50k mile manufacturers warranty. Since purchase, I’ve had the car in for service 7 times for the same P0300 Random Misfire Check Engine Light and the technicians have been unable to resolve the problem. Now with only 4k miles left before warranty expiration, I am afraid I am going to be stuck with this issue long term, causing inspection issues, and loss of value should I decide to sell the vehicle. Meanwhile, Mazda Corporate tells me I am out of luck/on my own for repairs after 50k miles.

Any thoughts on who I can contact, and how I can approach this?

I am trying to create as much stink and annoyance as possible so Mazda will realize that they should DO THE RIGHT THING.

Thank you gentlemen.


From what I’ve always heard, if a problem reported during the warranty isn’t fixed, they’re still on the hook to fix it.

Regardless, have you tried more than one dealer here?

It is called the Lemon law.

Check out the links below. The details vary depending on your state, but you should be covered.

When a vehicle goes out of warranty with an issue that’s covered under warranty and the issue isn’t resolved, the dealer must still honor the warranty for that issue until it’s resolved. It’s called an ongoing warranty issue. So Mazda is still responsible in fixing this problem even if the vehicle goes out of warranty.


As a Mazda owner, I can attest to the problems in dealing with Mazda corporate offices. I recently had the engine die on my 2004 Mazda6, with only 81k on it. It was impeccably maintianed, and had no symptoms prior to dying on the road. Mazda Gallery was NO help, and Mazda USA was even less. They do a remarkable job of deflecting blame, and provide almost no customer service. Good luck!

There’s not enough info known about the car to make much of a guess.
The symptoms need to be known, what repairs performed, parts replaced, etc.

The one hitch is that there is always a possibility this problem may not be warranty related.
Spark plugs replaced? That’s not a warranty item at this point.
Fuel related problem? (clogged filter, tank strainer, etc.) Also not a warranty issue.
Possibly an engine problem due to abuse by the person who originally leased the car?
Also not a warranty issue unless it was a good-will approval.