2021 Mazda CX-3 - 14 visits

Car now 12mths old, has been taken to dealership 14 times in less than 1 year old. Problem is
Battery warning alarm has become flat battery on 14 occassions, and Dealership cannot fix it. Rang and wrote to mazda HQ and just replied "take it to Dealership and they will fix it. 14 visits to Dealer later and still the fault exists to this day. Who do I have to contact to get this Lemon replaced? Mazda HQ do not want to know about it, so I am at this time stuck with this alarm problem. Mazda needs to own the problem, fix it or repay cost of new car.

Check the lemon law *for your state.


Clarify what you mean by “warning alarms becomes flat battery”. Do you mean the warning alarm keeps turning on for no apparent reason, but the battery is still ok, and engine cranks ok and starts? Or do you mean the warning alarm keeps turning on, and when you find it on, you try to start the car the engine won’t crank — you don’t hear that rrr rrr rrr sound w/key in start – b/c the battery is completely discharged?

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I’d suggest contacting a lawyer in your state that specializes in Lemon Law. Those 14 trips to NOT fix a problem should qualify it for a buy back but a lawyer would know for sure.


In most states, three failed repair attempts for a problem that materially affects the safety or the drivability of a vehicle is enough to qualify for a settlement under that state’s Lemon Law. It seems to me that a frequently dead battery materially affects the vehicle’s drivability, but that might be up for debate by some people.

In the more progressive states, the necessary forms can be found on the website for the state’s Attorney General. Hopefully your state makes it that easy. I can tell you from experience that any reasonably literate person can complete the process w/o the assistance of an attorney.

Of course, they would prefer that you not enter Lemon Law litigation, so they are not likely to tip you off to the process.

If you have retained all of the dealership’s documentation of the many failed repairs, including copies of that documentation with the forms from the AG’s Office should complete the process of filing your Lemon Law complaint.
Be sure to send everything via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, and retain copies of everything for yourself.