Mazda Tribute lx v6 starting problem

I have a 2002 mazda tribute lx v6 that has been having problems staring since it has gotten cold. If the car has sat overrnight, or for a good length of time like while im at work it will not start again when I turn the key. The car will not idle on its own and the only way it will eventually run is if I give it gas while turning the key, but while it is warming up it will not stay running unless I keep my foot on the gas. The garage where the car came from is at a loss, the check engine light finally came on and coils 2 and 5 have been replaced. Coil 2 was replaced about a week ago, and coil 5 was replaced yesterday, however this morning the check engine light was back on and its reading coil 5 is bad again(it was just fixed yesterday!)we also replaced upper and lower intake maifold gaskets. Any ideas as to why it would not be starting would be great as it seems to be getting worse and I’m due to give birth in about 2 weeks so I would like to resolve this as soon as possible! Thanks.

Has anyone checked the idle air control circuit?

I’m not sure, it was something that was mentioned as a possibility, but I don’t know if it was checked or ruled out. Could that cause the coil to go again the very next day after it was replaced? And would that throw a code, because when the check engine light came on both times it said coil b, which one place told us was coil 2 in the back middle, so we replaced that one, and then a diff. garage said they thought coil b would be 2, but when they researched it the code meant coil 5, so anyways both have been replaced and now “b” is still bad! Could this be related to or caused by the idle air control circuit?

If you post the trouble codes, someone might be able to precisely identify which cylinder is misfiring.
A cleaning (with throttle cleaner) of the idle air control valve passages, and the throttle body bore, and throttle plate might help. And use an MAF Cleaner on the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor.

I have no way of remembering what the first code was, but tomorrow when they run the comp. scan again I will find out what the code says exactly and repost it on here. By the way I am not driving the car because of the difficulty of starting it, so does anyone know if it could hurt it by driving it to the garage once and if I am finally able to start it