Mazda tribute 2004 high pitched whine front right side 'disappears during acceleration'

My mom’s Mazda Tribute 2004 has a high pitched whine front right side ‘disappears during acceleration’.

Other issues might be related?
Parking Brake light remains on, despite not using PB.
There’s a rubbery smell after turning engine off when exiting vehicle, near the front grill.

Thank you

You have lots of problems…

The whine may be a bearing or a CV joint failing. Get it checked ASAP

Brake light indicates a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. Check the fluid level, if it is at the min. line but no lower, likely the car needs brake pads. If it is lower, add some but get it checked for leaks ASAP!!

The rubber smell might be a number of things. Some of which could be ready to catch fire. It needs to be looked at ASAP.

We can’t diagnose these things over the internet, especially given how little you’ve told us about the car. It needs qualified eyes and hands on the vehicle right away. Very, bad things, including death, can happen if any or all of these things are as serious as they MIGHT be. They could be simple and cheap but it is impossible to tell from here.


Thank you for you response

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