Mazda Tribute engine knocking

The engine in my 2006 Mazda Tribute seems to have developed a knocking noise. I am not sure what causes it or how to determine where it is coming from.


Is a low pitched sound?

Does it ever go away?

I suggest you bring it to a decent shop ASAP

It could be a rod knock

It could be a bad bearing

It could even be a cracked flexplate

Did you check the engine oil level regularly?

That shop will need to determine the source of the noise.

Has the engine had regular oil changes? Has it ever been overheated or run low on oil?

It is a low pitched sound and never goes away. I check the oil when I fill up with gas and it did run low on oil due to a leak. I tightened the bolts on the valve cover and leak went away. The engine has never overheated and the check engine light has not come on. The overall performance of the engine doesnt seem to be affected. It still accelerates like normal. Somebody told me to take the belt off, run it and see if it is something with the pulleys, I’m not so sure about that. I couldn’t get that belt off and back on if I wanted to.


Important question . . .

How much oil did you have to add to bring it back up to the full level?

How long do you think you drove it when it was low on oil?

I had to add over a quart of oil. I am not really sure how long I drove with it low on oil. The oil light came on one day and I checked it and found it was low.

If the oil light you mention is a red one that would be the oil pressure lamp, not a low oil level light.
The red one often means engine problems but it would be have to be lower than a quart for that light to pop on unless oil sludging or coking due to irregular oil changes is involved.

Well it’s official, the patient has been diagnosed as terminal. The shop showed me the oil shavings that came out when they changed the oil. I am going to drive it til it dies and then it’s on to the next car. Thanks to everybody who responded and tried to help.

Sorry to hear the bad news

You might consider getting a used or rebuilt engine when this one give up the ghost.

I find myself wondering how the engine ended up with low oil. You said you check the oil at every gas fillup, and it should not have gone dry. I know you said it leaked, but the only leak I’ve ever seen that could suddenly drain the oil was a hemmoraged main seal years ago.

Did this happen after an oil change? Did a quickie lube shop change it? Did you change it yourself?

I am curious to see how long u can drive car with a bad rod bearing? A 2006 tribute is worth 6k. With a blown motor it might be worth less. Should u trade it now? Or tow it away when it dies?