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Mazda Rotary

I have a problem with my 85 RX7 12A. It bucks when driving uphill, the steeper the hill the more likely it is to buck to the point where it nearly stalls and I have to stop driving. Anyone have any experience with rotary engines?

This sounds like a fuel issue more than an engine problem. The cause could vary depending on which engine you have in the car. Some are fuel injected; the majority are carbureted.
The fuel filter is the first thing to inspect.

If the filter is fine, and if this is a carbureted model, then the carburetor could be at fault. Carburetors on these cars are complex much like Honda and problems with them are not rare at all.

I would check for clogged exhaust, and make sure all the plugs are firing.

I loved mine, but needed more room.

Thanks. I was thinking clogged cat, and brought it to a mechanic but he said he didn’t think so. I appreciate your feedback.

An engine with a restricted exhaust will be gutless at high rpm but may run fine at lower rpms.
A fuel flow restriction will make a carburettor run out of gas on a long hill and you have to stop a while and wait for the fuel flow to refill the float bowl for it to run normally. Also, when the fuel level in the float bowl drops, the mixture goes lean and you respond to the power loss by opening the throttle more which results in more gas being used which compounds the problem.

A 1985 Mazda rotary engine?

Most likely the lip seals are worn out.