85 Mazda rx7


Im having a problem i cant figure out. when i try to excelerate the car almost shuts off. it does in each gear as i shift, for about one second then starts accelerating. and when i down shift it makes a puff puff sound. when i get up to 90 the starts jerking. im thinking a carburator problem.

any thoughts


I know zip about Wenkles. But that sounds like a typical bad accelerator pump on a carburator. Look down the carb with a good light, crank the accelerator linkage, and see if it’s squirting gas. If not, you’re looking at the accelerator pump. Some carbs have little piston pumps, some have diaphragms. Don’t know which yours is.

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possibly a dirty fuel filter to.


Is this its a original engine? all I know are these engines have a almost predetermined life expectancy based on mileage, and at the very end for a short time they will run better then ever before giving up the ghost, so I have been told.

I’ve herd of Mazda dealers that will politely refer customers with old RX7 to specific RX7 clubs. your best bet would be to do a RX7 club search. Theres plenty of experts out there, it is a great sports car


It does sound like a carb problem. These cars, and many others in the 80s, were weighted down with all kinds of widgets to meet emissions standards and the carbs are no exception.

The hesitation in every gear sounds like a defective accelerator pump and the high speed cutting out could be either partially clogged main jets/emulsion tubes/discharge tubes or a clogged fuel filter.

You can check the accelerator pump by removing the air cleaner housing. Look down in the carb throat on the primary side and note if you see gas being sprayed from the discharge tube as you operate the throttle by hand. If you do not, or if the discharge is delayed or weak, then the acc. pump is at fault. This means a carb overhaul.

The puff-puff sound may be an anti-backfire valve acting up.

If you go into the carb, about all I can advise is that you have a book handy on it and organize every part of it. They’re fairly complicated carbs just like the old Honda carburetors.


Did you verify you have good spark from BOTH coils?
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