Mazda MPV No Start when hot



1997 Mazda MPV, This SUV will Start wonderfully when cold and cool. When hot will not start or idle. The crazy thing is that If you stop for gas (Car is off under 10 minutes) it will start fine. But wait 20 minutes after stop and it will not start or idle. I have replaced Distributor Cap, Rotor, Crank Pos Sensor, Distrubutor, Air Filter, Spark Plugs (Autolite). I have spent over $600.00 in needless parts trying to solve the problem. I am running out of money so help me please…


You may have to try replacing anything that detects temperature. Your computer may not be able to pick an appropriate fuel mixture to start the engine. Things like this can happen when an engine gets older. There may not be a solution.


A wise man once told me that heat will drain batteries just as well as cold will…
I also wonder if it’s an intermittent alternator problem…