Mazda millenia rear strut


I had my Mazda Millenia inspected at 75,000 miles and was told that my right rear strut was leaking some fluid. I am finding that there are only manufacturer’s parts and that the cost to replace two rear struts is around $650. I press down on the car in the rear and there is no bounce. Also, I have found no cupping of my tires. to date. Because of the extraordinary expense, is this replacement necessary? If so, how soon should it be repaired. Many thanks.


I don’t know why you think only the manufacturer can supply struts. On the first try I found several types for your Millenia at Auto Parts Warehouse, starting at $70.95 plus free shipping. See here:

You will have to find a mechanic willing to install customer-supplied parts. Some will, some won’t. You might also need to order strut mounts.