Mazda Cx-9 stalls after stopping

My 2009 Mazda Cx-9 stalls intermittently after stopping, usually at red lights. It will start back up, and no problem. The steering wheel will lock when this happens. Also on the highway, it will buck/lurch but keeps going. The engine light never comes on so the repair shop cannot seem tell me the cause of the problem. It doesn’t happen everyday, and has been happening since I bought the car 18 months ago. However, in the last two days, it has stalled six times. The repair shop today says that they need to do a throttle (?) clean and that “should” clean it up. But I don’t know… what do you think?
There isn’t a noise I can tape, because alas, there is no noise ! Help.

The steering wheel locks when it stalls? Before you do anything with the key? That is curious. When everything is working, does the steering wheel lock as soon as you turn the key from “on” to “off”, or does it only lock when you remove the key? On my Corolla I have to remove the key before the steering wheel locks. So this sort of makes me think it has to do with the key interlock device. Maybe you just need to have that part replaced. It might be shorting out the igntion somehow and turning the engine off.

I think you need to understand why the steering wheel is locking up first, before considering the throttle clean idea. It may well be your car needs a throttle clean, that can produce a sticky throttle and stalling sometimes. But find and elimnate the cause of the steering wheel locking problem first I guess.

Yes, steering wheel locks when stalls. Funny, the repair shop never asked me about this part. Will look into it. Thanks!

Also make sure the battery on the smart key is not weak. I am not sure if that could cause it, but this electronic systems are way too complicated.

I think the throttle cleaning is a waste of your money. If a car dies it can lock the wheel. It’s hard to tell if this is electrical or sensor. Do you have a bunch of stuff on your key ring? If so it could be the ignition switch. Try just the ignition key and see what happens.