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Ice on the inside windows


I have a 2005 Honda Accord that I love. The only problem is that frequently on cold winter mornings in Minnesota I find that I don’t need to scrape the outside of the window but the inside?! Sometimes it is just the windshield but frequently it is all of the inside windows. What is going on? HELP.

Never set your ventilation to recirculation in the winter and make sure AC compressor is running while in defrost.

The source of ice is moisture. This can be sourced from not cleaning your boots/shoes well before entering vehicle. It also can be sourced from spilled fluid(water). Lastly it could be the air conditioning(when defroster runs) drain line going into the car instead of outside or a windshield leak someplace.

Thanks, will look at all of your suggestions. Hope it works.

As Andrew suggested, most of the time the only problem is too much moisture in the cabin. Setting the heating system to recirculate is the usual cause. It may also indicate too much moisture from wet floor mats, lots of people coming into the car with wet coats etc.

Icing inside the window glass really should only happen when a very humid cool day is followed by a cold snap. That’s maybe two or three times a year in Northern New England. I’d expect Minnesota to be much the same.

That’s about the only situation other than Californians with an engine full of 40 weight oil driving up into the mountains where warming up a car would seem to make much sense.

too much moisture inside the car. Leave the windows open slightly in the garage when parked to allow it to equilibrate and escape

Let me just add to Andrews’ post: ensure the outside fresh air vents are kept clean.

These are the ones below the windshield under the plastic cowling that extends across the vehicle.
If these become plugged you won’t be able to draw in the amount of fresh air needed for proper defrosting.

Note: the fresh air vent on the passenger side is the one that opens to the cabin filters on most vehicles. (Filters are usually accessed to behind or through the glove box)

Vacuuming the vents without removing the cowling doesn’t work very well.
I’ve tried both my household vac and a shop vac to no satisfaction.