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Mazda bids farewell to the CX-7

In the US anyways, it’ll still sell in other countries. With the Cx-5 coming into play, they’re phasing the 7 out at the end of the year. The 5 will also be the only SUV in it’s class to offer a stick shift option good for 35mpg highway and 31~32 for automatic with AWD or FWD. An option most 7 drivers, myself included, would have loved to have available.

Well, the title is more depressing than the whole thing. Essentially we are getting something a bit smaller. This should be a fun car/crossover. When we were buying our CRV, we passed on the Mazda, but it is still a good contender.

I guess it’s more depressing if you actually own a 7. I love mine and I must have rubbed some of that off onto someone else at work because I noticed soemone at work had a newer one as well. With the closest dealership an hour drive away, you don’t see many Mazdas around here, even used.

The 327 fuel injected Corvette was a wonderful car. But times change, and manufacturers adjust to what they think the public wants. I’m sure that it’s the same with the CX-7. It was produced for one generation. While that’s short for a marque, it appears that Mazda wanted a little more differentiation for their new mid-size SUV. It’s a little smaller outside, but at least as large inside. I see it as an incremental change, and Mazda wanted to market it as something more to increase sales in the USA. You looked for quite a while before you jumped at the CX-7. I works for you, and that’s all that matters.

maybe I should store it in a barn for the next 30 or 40 years and see how the market fares. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it 70 years. Drive a ZR-1 in the meantime!