Just an update

For those who have been following my search for the right car and everything.

After nearly 3 years of test drives, research and planning, and waiting, I finally picked up my new car last night: A Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring AWD in black cherry color. In maybe 1 of the pictures you can really see how the paint changes color in the light. It was overcast when I took those pictures. Should have taken a few more today as it was sunny outside and the color really shown through.


crap, meant to put this in the General Discussion area

At long last :slight_smile:
Wow…The black cherry colour looks FANTASTIC on the CX7.
Congratulations on the new toy, bscar.
Many happy years of troublefree motoring !!!

I hope so, it took over 4 months from the time i ordered it to delivery. Jan. 2nd order was placed, May 10th car was delivered, spent a couple days back and forth with a local bank, only to have the finance manager at the dealership find a lower rate, and brought it home May 13th. iPod cable(3.5mm double ended cable) bought tonight at Office Depot and setup the bluetooth in the car for my phone.
I’ve told myself this is the last vehicle I ever finance. I found out that most car loans now-a-days have an early payoff fee; If I pay the loan off before a certain amount of time, I owe the bank $125, regardless. Since I set up an account at the other bank, I’ll be splitting my paycheck up so that I’ll never really see the money for the car payment in my normal savings account. After the car is paid for, I’ll keep the split and save it for either paying the house off and/or writing a check for my next vehicle.

Sorry but three years? You’ve got to be kidding? On Monday my car shut off and I decided that was it. On Tuesday I test drove a car and didn’t like it. On Wednesday, I looked at some others and decided what I wanted. On Thursday morning I closed the deal and picked it up on Friday morning. I thought I was slow because of other conflicts.

At first is was one of those where I had just paid my Civic off and was thinking about it, looking to see if I could find a good replacement. Then I started getting a little more serious last year, and found the CX-7. About the time I decided, the model years were changing over, and I was starting to save up some money, then finally decided to order back in January.

Not bad looking for an SUV.

It’s more fun to drive than an SUV should be. With the turbo engine, it really comes to life on the curvy roads