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Mazda 98 constant dinging?

Please help I am going insane!

My son left his windows down and the keys in the ignition of the mazda 626 and it rained! Now the car constantly dings like the keys are in the ignition or the lights are on even when it is not turned on. 24/7 ding ding ding ding… HELP pleasethis has been non stop for over a month!

Yes, it’s all in your head. They make some real nice meds for this :))

Yeah, I don’t think they wpuld be covered on my insurance lol. he has been just turning up the stereo to get around it. I am not sure if there is a fuse I can unplug or something else I can do. It makes driving this car unbearable…

But seriously folks, it’s going to take a lot of checking of various switches that would stay on when the car is off, ie. the door lamp/ajar switches or the "key in " switch piggy-back to the ignition cylinder. A test could be to un-plug a suspect switch one at a time and see what happens. something got corroded from the rain but you’ll have to start guessing.

When you say ‘switch’ is that the same as a fuse? I’m sorry, but I am trying. I opened 1 compartment under the dash on the drivers side and there were just a few fuses in there. I looked at the legend and none said anything about doors or keys or warnings. Could there be more fuses somewhere else? I do not have the owners manual or I could look. Suggestions?

does it only do this when the car is running? it does not make noise when the keys are out and off does it? i would think the battery would drain over night if that was the case.

It has been doing it non stop with keys/without keys for a month. Good News I did what you said and pulled various fuxes. The one that said “room” was the magic one. I had to replace it because it also powered the stereo. So I put in a new fuse and magic- no more ding!
Thank you for your help!!!

Can you look under the dash a see the “chime module”? little box that has a grill like surface,see if you can unplug it.