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Mazda 5 - Middle of the car sounds like it is ready to fall off

Any tips - coverter shield or other items. When we drive an otherwise perfect 2008 Mazda 5 and roll over any bumps, the middle of the car sounds like the exhaust or middle of the car is erady to break



If it is just a heat shield, you could redneck it by getting a large hose clamp from Home Depot’s plumbing department and wrap it around the the offending part.

I would take the vehicle to the nearest muffler shop and have it looked at. If the muffler hanger has broken it could get expensive if you let it go.

The bottom line here is that the only way to find the cause is to get under the car and shake things. If it does turn out to be a heat shield, Remco’s “fix” is an accepted and commmon repair in NH. If it runs out to be something else, it’ll probably be a bushing or exhaust hanger.