Mazda 3 Tire pressure monitor

Is it legal to disable the low tire pressure light on this car (2012), and if so, does anyone know how to do it? The previous owner installed aftermarked rims and the system doesn’t work now, so that the light is always on.

Is there a fuse just for that circuit ? ( owner’s manual will tell you ) just take out that fuse and buy a good ol’ standard hand-held tire gauge.

You can also have new TPMS sensors installed in your wheels. Any respectable tire shop can do it and then you will not only get the light to turn off but you will have an excellent safety system working properly.

Have you checked the actual tire pressures?

The tire pressure monitoring sensors don’t care what size wheel is on the vehicle. They only care about the tire pressures.


Tom and Ray would have told you to use black tape.

That’s why I didn’t ask them!