2106 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring low tire pressure

For the 4th time in as many months my low tire pressure warning light has come on. The first 2 times, the dealer said it was the change in outdoor temp; the third time, they did a hard reset. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

When you read the tire pressures with a gauge what readings do you get? If it is only one tire that consistently looses air you could have a poor seal at the rim.

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Still using tires in 2106? :blush:

OK, 2016. It might also be a small puncture. If your tire pressure monitor shows individual tire pressure, is it always the same tire? Check the tire pressure with a hand held gauge and see if only one tire is low. If so, then there might be a puncture. If it is one tire, inspect the tread to see if there is a screw, nail or bolt embedded in the tread. A small leak with the screw still in the tire can become large when the fastener is removed. Still, it might be repaired with a plug in the hole and a patch inside the tire that covers the plug.

Get a good tire gauge, check them first thing each Saturday morning, see if any tires are losing air.


Your closest tire store will certainly be happy to check your tire pressures for you and look at the tires to see if there’s a leak. They’ll repair the tire if they can and possibly with no charge to you. At least Discount Tire didn’t want a cent when they removed a screw from my tire and plugged it. Get a good quality tire gauge anyways and check your tire pressures regularly.

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The unknown is whether one tire or all of them are the issue. Have they bothered to leak check any of them?

Something to keep in mind is that most tire blowouts are caused by under inflation. Changes in the ambient temperature are generally not enough to cause a blowout but may cause the light to come on.

I agree; buy a tire gauge (they’re cheap) and check the tire pressure yourself. In all seriousness, your life depends upon it.


Just as a footnote, the sensors in each tire that report pressure often use batteries, and they do wear out.

The 2016 Mazda CX5 does not use battery operated TPMS sensors. The system in use by Mazda in 2016 uses the ABS sensors to compare wheel rotation and changes in relative wheel speed to judge if a tire is going flat. If the tires are all holding pressure and the soft reset (button on the dash by the drivers left hand) has been tried, then a hard reset by the dealer will usually cure this.

Since the hard reset has been done, I would suspect that a tire is actually losing air and the system is reporting properly.


Have you hit any potholes or large bumps lately?

One of my wheels (aluminum alloy) had a very slow leak. Turns out the wheel was slightly bent and leaking air at that point; the tire guy showed it to me in the dunk tank at the shop. I had to have the wheel straightened and fixed, but it’s not given me any problems since.

So that could be your issue, too.

spray the whole tire with a soapy solution. top, both sides, and around the rim. take off air cap and spray the whole air stem. then look for bubbles to find any leaks.

Many thanks to everyone for your suggestion/thoughts. Took to dealership this morning (4th time for same issue) who finally took this seriously and found slow leak in right front tire. They “cleaned and re-sealed beads”. Charged me $35. And yes, I now have gauge and will regularly check tire pressure.


Thank you for letting us know what the solution was.

A tire shop/store would have probably found the problem the first time . Dealers have a purpose but they are limited on such things as tire problems because of the low volume of tire work they do.

Now might be a good time to look at your owners manual to see if there are service items that should be done . And a good independent shop can do most of that.